The MoodSquad Story
Moodahead wasn't born out of a boardroom meeting, but from a shared experience that resonated deeply with each of us.
A Spark in a Strange Land:Bansal, our CEO, found himself grappling with culture shock and isolation while studying abroad in Australia. He witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by Indian students adapting to a new environment, navigating academic pressures, and missing the familiar comforts of home. The Pandemic too didn’t go easy on him. This experience ignited a spark within him, the seed of an idea to create a platform that could provide support and empower individuals struggling with similar experiences.

Navigating the Maze of Adulthood:Devyani, our Creative Head, faced the complexities of "adulting" in India. Juggling career aspirations, societal expectations, and personal well-being felt overwhelming at times. Recognizing the need for accessible mental health resources, especially for young adults, she felt compelled to contribute to building a solution.

Bridging the Distance:Kruti, our CTO, experienced the joys and challenges of being a Non-Resident Indian (NRI). As she navigated her career path in the US while maintaining connections with her family and friends back in India, she saw a need for culturally nuanced mental health support specifically tailored to the NRIs' unique experiences.

Our Collaborative Mission:These individual journeys converged, and a shared vision emerged: to create a platform that fosters mental well-being and emotional resilience for everyone, regardless of background or location. Thus, Moodahead was born. We believe in the power of connection, empathy, and building a supportive community where everyone feels empowered to take charge of their mental health.

Together, We are passionate about building a world where mental well-being is seen as a priority, not a privilege.
So welcome to the MoodSquad!