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Moodahead is a safe and inclusive space where you navigate your mental wellbeing with professional support and a vibrant community.
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We get you. We got you.

So, do you really need therapy?

If this question has been bothering you lately, then answer is probably yes. And no, you do not need to have a diagnosable condition or a grave life crisis. 
Therapy is also helpful in identifying and changing unhelpful emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.

How moodahead works

And how you feel now, might be tiny distraction from a mighty problem that lies deep within your mind. While getting to the root of your issues might seem overwhelming, the best part is you don’t have to get there alone.
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Our psychologist have created a worksheet that will instantly help you feel calm and collected. Meanwhile, we will help you with a slot at the earliest.
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They get you

They got you

We know, life happens. But we all need safe havens where we meet people who are on same journeys as us. And more than that, we need people who not only listen but make us feel heard.
Feel like you’re too much or not enough? Our support groups are here to help .
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Kruti Mewada
Bansal Thakkar
Devyani Mehar
Creative Head
It all starts with the people
Our co-founders built Moodahead in 2020 with a simple vision in mind: to help the world stay calm amidst the unexpected chaos and prioritize their mental wellbeing

Meet your care team

Moodahead is proudly a community of over 10+ qualified mental health professionals and together, we've built a safe space for healing, growth, and connection.
Let’s get to the very bottom of your concerns.
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